Who I am

Anthony Berlin
Composer / orchestrator / arranger / mixing engineer.

A few highlights of my career include:

  • Wrote music for the CFDA Fashion Awards 2013, which was featured in the video presenting Riccardo Tisci as the winner of the 2013 CFDA International Award.

  • Blue Sky, a track I arranged, orchestrated and co-wrote melodies for together with composer Borislav Slavov (who composed most of the music for Crysis 2). The track finished in second place in a competition held by Bulgarian label Amadea Records. This led to me also getting to rearrange another track by, and for Mr Slavov.

  • Unity, the official gift for Nightwish composer and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainens’ 35th birthday. He responded, “Unity is such a splendid piece of music, [with a] heart and soul which echoes the purest love, companionship and goodness”.

  • Wrote music for two Stokvis Tapes commericals, produced by Kojan Films (previously ETK Media).

I have studied music theory, composition, arranging and audio engineering at the Linnaeus University & Uppsala University as well as the Örebro University, in Sweden.


What I do

Music for the cinematic arts has been around almost as long as there has been film makers, yet it is never the same. Film music tend to change from generation to generation.

I work with film music the way a film maker works with a script. I approach it in a way to best tell the story, and not to complement the picture, but to complete it. In this ever changing world of cinematic arts, I am always on top of what is needed for every project.

Whether it is new and different, or old and nostalgic, there needs to be a marriage between music and picture. I provide that. And for that reason, I am not only a composer — I am a film maker. Quite simply, I do music for the cinematic arts, and I love every minute of it.