Anthony Berlin (Anton Harald Henric Berlin) was born on July 17th 1989 in Norrköping, Sweden and showed already as a boy a huge passion for music. Always when he watched a movie, it was the music and the orchestra that intrigued him, not just the movie. With soundtracks from movies such as The Lion King, Schindlers List, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Hook, Anthony’s future was set. He was going to do anything to become a composer and work with the orchestra.

Anthony started his first serious songwriting at the age of 11 and things pretty much worked it’s way from there. Soon after he began to listen to all kinds of music, from metal to classical music to r&b to hip hop and back again to orchestral music. All these influences openend ways of private studies and he became known in his town for his skills in composing as well as mixing other peoples work. And so, a composer was born.

In 2006 Anthony made one of his great dreams come true, when he formed the orchestral metal band Orias. It all started out with Anthony showing some of his new work to Richard Lindell who eventually became their first bassplayer. He really enjoyed the music and together with his contacts the band began to take form. Two years later Orias was complete when the leadsinger Nico Lauritsen joined band and became Anthony’s life long friend.

After perfecting his skills in computer software such as Cubase, Logic, Sibelius and Pro Tools, Anthony received numerous jobs. One of them was with Borislav Slavov whom in 2009 asked Anthony to arrange and orchestrate a song called Blue Sky for a competition. The competition was held by Amadea Music and the song Blue Sky made it to second place. Anthony and Borislav got along very well and Anthony was trusted with reorchestrating another track of Borislav’s.



In the year of 2011 Anthony won a songwriting competition on Tuomas Holopainen’s website. That gave him the honour of being the main-composer and producer on Unity along with Carol Walker and Plamen Dimov. The song was a birthday gift to Tuomas Holopainen who adored it. People all over Europe and Scandinavia was involved in the project, and the name Anthony Berlin is known as perfection when it comes to orchestration.

On January the 1st, 2012, Anthony started a company under the name Anthony Berlin Studios. This company offers composing, orchestrating, arranging, mixing and producing services for anyone, but is focusing on composing, orchestrating and mixing movie soundtracks, both for short movies (including commercials) and feature films. In short, Anthony is now living his dream life as a film composer, with a loving fiance supporting him all the way!