Officially Announcing the Release of UNITY

Anthony Berlin Studios and Kersantti Entertainment are officially announcing the release of UNITY.

The Unity Project started life in February 2011. It’s purpose was to compose and produce a song for Finnish songwriter Tuomas Holopainen as a gift, founder and composer of Nightwish.

People from all around the world helped with the production of Unity, and it was finally finished in late November, 2011. On December 3rd it was presented to Tuomas in Finland, and he was overwhelmed by the very idea ...

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3D ‘n stuff

Been fiddling with an online university 3D course for the past two weeks. To my amazement, 3D is actually kind of easy to get into. Once you get it, you’re modelling cool things in notime. Now getting GOOD at it, that takes time!

Scored a short movie right before the course started as well. First collaboration with ETK Media. That was fun. Looking forward to working with them again, in the future. They’re great guys!

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A new Ave Maria

I recently had the honour of engineering and mixing an Ave Maria by italian composer Alberto Sorrentino. It’s a wonderful 12+ minute piece for a full orchestra, a full choir, a boy soprano, a guitar, a solo violin and a solo cello.

I worked on the project for about 4 months, and I gotta say I am very pleased with the results! The piece was mastered by Mandy Parnell. She did a wonderful job and deserves to be mentioned.

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