A collection of heartwarming words from past and current clients.

  • I have made many short films with Anthony now, and it has been a great experience! He delivered an awesome score every time, from action-comedy to film-noir drama. We work really close with the sound department too, and he really understands what music can do for your film. All and all he’s great, fun to work with and easy to communicate with even if you dont know that much about music theory.–Carl Lohman, Director at Kojan Films

  • Anthony has worked on the production of my orchestral work with extreme professionalism and skill. He has shown a clear understanding of samples and their practical applications and the results are neat and reflect the composer’s directions. With regards to mocking up a score, Anthony has all what it takes to deliver realistic tracks on time and with a caring smile!–Alberto Sorrentino, Composer

  • Working with Anthony was a privilege. He brought an array of skills and knowledge to my project that I could not of got close to by myself. Anthony produced a beautiful piece and gave me huge insight into how such music is brought to life. His attitude towards clients is very warming. He welcomes questions and goes through processes step by step, making the client feel comfortable with the writing process. He handles unexpected changes very professionally and nothing was ever a problem. Anthony is very competent, enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend his musical services.–Carol Todhunter, Kersantti Entertainment

  • Anthony Berlin is an open-minded melodical perfectionist, his arrangements and orchestrations framing any painting you desire. A versatile & fast-working colleague. Keep up the good work!–Alex Hummingson, Composer

  • Anthony Berlin provided us with an original musical composition for our song “Little Scandinavian Village” in 2013. It was the title song to our documentary “Kungsburg Little Swedish Village”. Anthony was also our mixing engineer for the song. We were very satisfied with his work and his timely manner of effectively providing us with a finished product that completely fulfilled our needs. We feel that his skills in musical composition and production are very advanced and we are grateful to have had an opportunity to work with him.–Brad & Sofie Thornton, Brad and Sofies Scandinavia Productions

  • When we in the band were recording our debut album we really had no idea at all what it would sound like in the very end in terms of quality and sound. The production was very poor and so our expectations were rather low. However when we heard the songs mixed by Anthony, they had turned into absolute gold. It became clear to us that we would never have to find another guy to mix our future stuff as he really gets the picture of the sound we want to approach and makes the music sound like it’s been recorded in a million dollar studio.–Luca Delle Fave, Seventh Dimension

  • It was a pleasure working with Anthony on the Requiem. He managed to convey the feelings I wanted for the piece and led me through the creation process in a way so that I could understand what was happening even though I don’t have any particular musical background. All in all he was very attentive to what I wanted and it worked out great!–Gabriel Andersson