Anthony Berlin
Composer / orchestrator / arranger / mixing engineer.
  • As a film composer I specialize in story telling with music. It all boils down to telling the story in the best possible way. Therefore, I see myself as not merely a composer, but a film maker. Collaboration is key, and the story comes first. Therefore, I make it my business to know everything about the technical side of music production, so that you as a producer or director can focus more on the emotions and the story, than on musical terminology. Music is part of the core of the film, and it is my job as a composer to help your vision of the story come to life. –Anthony Berlin, on his craft


My story

I love music. I have always loved music. As long as I can remember, I have been humming my own tunes in my mind (and sometimes out loud). It feels like it’s always been there. I never go a day without randomly improvising something in my head. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I’m not only hearing sounds in my mind, but I’m also seeing them (literally seeing them in my mind, I have a neurological condition called synesthesia).

When I was eight or so, I watched Jurassic Park for the first time. That movie opened up a whole new world to me. When I watched movies before, I didn’t really think about where the music came from. It just sortof was always there in my mind. But when I watched that dinasour infested wonderful Stephen Spielberg movie, I was blown away. I realized for the first time in my life that someone was actually writing this music. And there were so many instruments. It was an amazing experience. Such wonderful music (Kudos, John Williams). Up until that point I always wanted to be an inventor. But right then and there, I knew that THIS was what I was going to do — I was going to compose music for films!

I had my mind set. From then on I started to analyse every piece of music I could get a hold of. My mother taught me the basics of how to play the piano, and whenever I had the opportunity, I would play. I would listen to music and analyse it, together with the movies, over and over again, learning new things and discovering new instruments. I tought myself to orchestrate in my mind. Then, when I was about 13 or so, I discovered Cubase in my school (a program used to produce music). And what a revelation it was. I could start to write down all of the things that I heard in my mind. I didn’t know enough music theory to do it on paper, so a program like this really helped me.

Today, I live with my fiance, our two cats, and our dog, in a nice little appartment. I own many pieces of software and alot of gear, all of which helps me to realize my music (as I don’t have the luxury of having a live full symphony orchestra in my living room unfortunately). But then again, what I love most with my life is not the software or the gear, any of the tools or my appartment. What I love the most is the where I am in my life. The marriage between music and picture, and my wonderful fiance.

In short, I love composing music for films, and I am living my dream!