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I am in the middle of moving, so I have been very busy. Me and Molly Teleman (the original author of the article about me that was published in the Norrköping Times (Norrköpings Tidningar in swedish) on the 26th of april, 2011) has now translated the article into english together. Click on “read more” to read it in it’s entirety (excuse the poor formatting, I am still an HTML newbie).

    Anthony’s goal is film scoring 

    Anthony Berlin knows what he wants. He has been studying composition on his own and is now more than ready to start writing music for TV- games, in collaboration with other composers in the United States.

    He is young, I think to myself, only twentytwo years old. Anthony Berlin and his fiancé still ponder on how their lives will unfold, but one thing he is sure of. He will compose music for film.
    We’re sitting in a condo in Hageby (Norrköping, Sweden) that he is sharing with a friend who is a kung fu enthusiast.
    In front of us, we see a computer, a secondary monitor, a soundcard and a keyboard, the tools that he needs to compose his music.
    For the last couple of years, he has been studying and writing music for an average of four hours a day. Most of what he knows, he has taught himself using the Internet, where there are instruction videos and information, all one might need. In practice, a kind of problembased learning.
    It is also at the Internet where Anthony is discussing music with others, and there he has a friend who helps him with translating his music into notes, when in a tough deadline.

    – I have always had my eyes set on film scoring. Now I have, by Borislav Slavov, a gateway into the business and a possibility to create a name for myself.
    – But even though it is a lot of fun to work with him, I don’t find scoring games as fun, as it’s only supposed to “sound good” and be easy to loop. Filmscoring follows a sequence of events. At the same time it is important for me to find real friends in the business, he says with an emphasis.

    Safety is important, Anthony has already had time to be exploited as a composer without getting either any compensation or credit for his work.
    But now he finally has a contract.
    When the Bulgarian game composer Borislav Slavov (also known as “Glorian”) discovered Anthony at the fan forum of Rhapsody of Fire, he eventually asked Anthony to do two songs that would later be used on an album. A kind of trial job to see what Anthony was capable of.

    The first song he did for Borislav won second prize in a record label-held competition and now Anthony Berlin is a recognized part of Slavov’s team, for his company Music Marks who did the music for Crysis 2, among other games.
    Anthony began studying orchestration for real eight years ago. They couldn’t afford piano lessons when he was little, but his mother has taught him everything she knows.

    – I look up, and learn, what I need to know. I don’t know terms like “tonic” et.c. because I don’t use them in my everyday work, but everything else I know by heart. If I speak with other composers I need to be able to convey a chord structure, for example, Anthony says.
    Self-taught as he is, Anthony wishes that he knew more about notes and musical terms.
    He looks forward to a course in music theory which begins this autumn, it would make for more effective composing when doing it directly on paper.

    For now, Anthony is studying college preparatory courses on Komvux. At the same time he is studying programming at the university, as he finds programming very easy, but it is music that engages him the most. Money is, as it often is for musicians and students, a recurrent issue. Anthony Berlin does not have the time for a job on the side.
    – I have to compose! Since it is my plan, my goal, I have to get as good as possible.



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