Unity Cover Art
1. Unity
2. Unity (Instrmental)
3. Unity (Orchestral)


The Unity Project started life in February 2011. It’s purpose was to compose and produce a song for Finnish songwriter Tuomas Holopainen (the founder and composer of Nightwish) as a gift.

We searched the internet for other people who had been influenced by his music to unite together and create this unique and one of a kind project. The response was phenomenal and we set to work establishing an outline for the production.

Carol Walker and Anthony Berlin spearheaded the project working together to organize the musicians and artists. The project took 10 months from start to finish and was presented to Tuomas on December 3rd in Finland. He was overwhelmed by the very idea of what was accomplished.

It was decided the work everyone put in should be shared with others, therefore you can buy the digital version of the song here. Sometime later this year we plan on releasing a physical version of Unity as well.

Listen to the four and a half minute Radio Edit of Unity for free on YouTube here!

  • First I got a ticket to Disneyland as a Christmas present from my mother in 1990 and now this! “Unity” is such a splendid piece of music, heart and soul which echoes the purest love, companionship and goodness. It made me feel, oddly enough, serene. It made me blush. It made my griffin dance through the skies. Listening to it makes me want to do more and more and more music for this world and its inhabitants. Bottom line is; the song and the thought behind it touched me deep, still does, and I can but thank everyone involved and around it. It is a song and performance of purest Splendour and Truth.–Tuomas Holopainen, on Unity