New Toy, New Ways

I got my new toy today. An SL 990 Pro, 88 keys. I was surprised about the robustness of this thing. It’s made in metal, not in plastic, and the keys and sliders really feel like… quality! Great stuff! Also, I got inspired by jdrcomposer from, to create a template for improvising music in one take, yet still having that full hollywood orchestral sound. That’s right, I can now play with a full string section, and a full horn section, perfectly seperate from eachother, because of some transposing of instruments, and now improvise with the horns and strings, as well as a taiko drum section, at the same time, all in legato (except for the taiko drums of course) at all times. I will probably improvise something tomorrow to showcase what this template can do. But it sounds amazing, when you take into account that I only have to press record once to get this sound!


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